Duran is a 28-year-old cinematographer, with skills in directing, photography, visual effects wrangling & supervision. Currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, he also spends time working between Africa & Asia. He is a freelancer who works on international film productions, mainly feature films and TV series that are shot around South Africa. He creates his own content & has had his film photography work featured on more than 60 international creative websites worldwide and in 10 fashion annuals, including LE PETIT VOYER in Denmark and OFF THE RAILS in Los Angeles. Between long form film jobs in South-Africa he spends his time traveling in Asia documenting street and fashion for projects which he's released on his website.
Career highlights so far include being part of an 2 x EMMY AWARD winning VFX team on BLACK SAILS, working with some of the best VFX teams in the world on films such as THE DARK TOWER, and having his work exhibited online by websites such as: Vice, Highsnobiety, Monster Children, Ignant, Comm Arts etc.