Jayga Rayn - Creative Director/Founder

Jayga Rayn is a South African born, British bred, Shanghai based middleman in the storytelling process. 

Beginning his career ten years ago in the hyper competitive environment of London, whilst studying journalism at the London College of Communication, he scored bylines with iconic publications like i-D, Dazed, MTV and was a section editor cult youth magazine, SUPERSUPER.

He began shooting seven years ago, covering local and international music for i-D, as well as chronicling the burgeoning UK rap scene.

Moving to China, he engaged in a pioneering, year long ethnographic research project, in collaboration with Edelman, entitled ‘Words of a Generation’.

He has directed commercial work for some of the world’s biggest brands: Nike, Beats and McDonald's, among others.

In the last year his music videos for acts across the world have over 3,500,000 views on Youtube and Weibo.


Kiko Chen - Managing Director

Kiko was born in Shanghai but first returned home from her studies in London to Beijing, where she worked as a fashion editor for a year.

Disillusioned with the fashion industry, she returned to her hometown Shanghai and joined boutique events agency The Ice Cream Truck. Whilst there she helped creat DAFF which was, for two years running, Shanghai’s biggest lifestyle event.

As a freelance marketing director, she has created launch strategy for a wide range of products, from electric skateboards to foreign ciders.

Using her sharp organisational skills and wide network she also started assisting local production houses as a producer, creating content for Nike, 88 Rising and Absolut.

Collaborating frequently with HHS during her freelance period, she joined the company full time as the managing director in 2016.

She is directly  responsible for ensuring that our content remains relevant to a youthful Chinese audience and that our company culture is harmonious and collaborative.


Kevin Pham - Production Coordindator

Kevin was born in Seattle and raised in a traditional Vietnamese household, but his life took a very untraditional turn in 2013. Offered a full scholarship to attend New York University Shanghai and, without any prior knowledge, he packed his life into some suitcases and moved to Shanghai.

Four years later, with two degrees and extensive time spent in Ghana and the Czech Republic, he joined High Horse Studios. Having had a productive and fruitful relationship with HHS as an intern, it was only natural he joined the team full-time.

Although it was one of his first attempts at filmmaking, his documentary work in Ghana was featured in NYU's school-wide publication. 

A production coordinator by name but a swiss army knife by trade, he has been involved with and exposed to all parts of the production process, doing whatever is needed in order to see projects through. 

While at HHS, he’s worked on everything, from music videos to online commercials for companies such as: The North Face, EROS, 88 Rising, Maybelline, and Ford. 


Shondjo - Producer

Shondjo is a 27 year old filmmaker who was born in Nanjing. He grew up watching films everyday from his father’s DVD collection and he picked up a camera at 16.

He joined production behemoth Gwantsi in 2013, working on projects as an editor and an assistant director for clients including Lenovo, Jaguar, Gatorade and Dulux.

Wanting to further formalise his film making education he moved to San Francisco, spending two years at California College of the Arts earning his MFA degree.

In 2016 he swapped coasts, moving to New York to study directing and screenwriting at Colombia University.

At HHS, Shondjo is present throughout all of the process, contributing to creative and production logistics, working as a director or assistant director and also pitching in as our in-house editor.

Kiki Qi- Production Assistant

Kiki is the youngest member of the HHS team at 19. Growing up in Shanghai, she has had an interest in youth and subculture since a young age.

She started working after leaving high school at 17, originally helping organise skateboard contests, music festivals and other youth culture events.

Whilst studying part time, she joined HHS as an intern and now works as our office manager and production assistant.

Juli Sonntag - Intern

Born in rural Germany, Juli realised early on that it was not going to be the place for him.

Driven by curiosity, he bought his first camera at the age of 15. He immediately developed a passion for it and started making skate videos with his friends while traveling all over Europe. 

He has filmed for several brands such as Supra, Favorite Skateboards and Dream Skateboards. In addition to putting out monthly short films, when he was 21, he released his own independent, 1-hour full-length video featuring over 50 skaters. 

Fascinated by foreign cultures, he studied English and Spanish, later serving as a translator for both languages. Health issues from making skate videos forced him to explore different ways to get into the film-making industry and he got the chance to intern at HHS and moved to Shanghai. 

Since joining, he has worked on every aspect of the production on projects for companies such as T-Mall and Crazybaby.